How to Hire Great Interns to Support Your Summer Workload

How to Hire Great Interns to Support Your Summer Workload

How to Hire Great Interns to Support Your Summer Workload

For a business owner, hiring an intern over the summer to help with their business is a win-win transaction for both parties. The business owner gets a young, eager individual trying to get their feet wet in the corporate world (for little to no pay), while the intern will get either college credit or pay for their work, in addition to the invaluable experience. But how can a business owner know which interns will be a great help to the company?

Since most interns are college students and have limited experience in their respective business fields, the work shouldn’t be overbearing. Fortunately, most companies use interns for somewhat menial tasks that help the company but carry a minimal risk of error, which could hurt the company greatly. If you do plan on using the interns for the more “important work”, it would be a good idea to have them shadow a full-time employee who does the same work that you plan on having the intern do. The employee can serve as a “mentor” to the intern as well, showing them the ropes and whatnot. This reduces the risk of any potential mistake by the intern.

Another alternative is to offer college credit instead of money, or find a mix therein. If you plan on offering less money but adding college credit as a replacement, make sure that it is advertised well. Also, don’t decrease the amount of money too much, as you will likely scare off potential interns that could have been a great asset to your company. Make sure that you are in good contact with the local universities so that you can advertise well and maximize the amount of potential interns.

Overall, you will be hard-pressed to find an intern who wouldn’t help your company. Most interns are eager, ambitious, and take all advice and instructions seriously. Follow these tips, and you’ll find the right intern or interns to help your company thrive!

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