How to Infuse Innovation into Your Company Culture

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It is very easy to talk about innovation. CEOs do it with the help of the corporate communications department. But, how do you walk the talk? Companies want to be known for their innovation. In fact, some want to be called “TheInnovative Company.” But, what can leaders do to drive a culture of innovation and to motivate employees to think outside the box? Here are some tips that can help foster innovation in employee culture:

Create Awareness

Awareness goes beyond sending a delegation to seminars and conferences on new technology. It also entails a correlative ability to understand how various tools and concepts in the company work. Therefore, one of the best ways to infuse innovation culture in a company is to create awareness for employees to be intuitive as they work. There is an innate curiosity about problem-solving that heightens employees’ awareness of the possibilities for problem resolution.


Communication initiates most things. Communicate effectively to the employees,and let them know that innovation is an integral part of the company agenda. Innovation must be like blood running through the veins of every employee if the company wants to strive for innovation. The culture of foster innovation should encourage experimentation and risk-taking. Failure in the company should not be rebuked but viewed as part of the ongoing learning and improvement process.


Recognition of somebody else’s ideas and efforts is a crucial factor in a company’s success. In fact, it is the greatest motivator of innovative culture in the organization. The success of an organization like Wikipedia and social media rests on recognition. The company should recognize the employees’ contribution to the success agenda, and give them a platform to shine. The company must celebrate the risk takers, the bold thinkers, and the great ideas that did not meet the threshold test. Recognizing the effort will have the same impact as celebrating success and will foster an innovative culture where risk taking is embraced, practiced, and where every employee is thinking outside the box.

A Surfeit of Skills and Competence

The extent to which a company is populated with highly skilled people portrays its innovative capacity. The company should therefore, formulate a measure to allure a pool of talented and competent employees. The company should then engage these employees to critical thinking in the most efficient ways to find solutions to problems facing the organization. It is through creative and critical thinking of the talented employees that innovation will come about. Therefore, create a winning company, attract a pool of talented employees, and the innovative culture will come as time passes by.


Every stakeholder in the company wants to be involved, motivated, and valued. The outcome should create an interactive platform for innovation that will bring people and ideas together. The platform should continuously demonstrate that the company is interested in the people’s ideas and that it appreciates and emphasizescreativity that can come from anyone and anywhere.
Innovative culture will always seek to change or innovate something in the company’s routine that ought not to exist in its current form.

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